The Advantages of Using TPR Method in Teaching

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TPR is the acronym of Total Physical Response. It means second languages can be acquired by students in much of the same manner that infants have learned their first language. In different stages of language development, TPR method is a great way for teaching children. This kind of method can greatly improve students’ study efficiency and help teacher control the class more easily.

As we know, comprehensible output is based on the comprehensible input. If there is no input, there is no output. Students acquire language by ‘intaking’ and understanding language that is a little beyond their current level. Teacher should introduce a topic by showing them some visible things, such as pictures, toys, videos, etc. Visuals are great for illustrating concept, especially key words. The students can even act out the material to help them remember visualize and meanings. Students can actually visualize a scene that would be too difficult to act out and use gestures and draw vocabulary. So teacher teach something new can use different kinds of tools. At the same time, teacher can also use body languages to help students understand abstract things. In this way, students can grasp what does the teacher say and move to the next stage. An interesting class is followed by an effective class. When children go through the comprehensible stage, they are likely to express. So teacher should offer more opportunities to let students speak and act in class. For example, teacher can play a game with students. Teacher can say something just learned and students should act out. Or teacher can invite a student to give the command and ask another student to act out. A game which allows students to say and play can make the class more interesting and effective.


A good teaching environment needs tacit agreement between teacher and students. Teacher is required to leave more space for students to say and perform. So TPR method is a good choice for teacher to establish a relatively free and loose class. At the same time, students should not only understand what does the teacher wants to teach, but also try to speak and perform in class. TPR method provides the teacher more chance to output the teaching material. Only by teaching is not enough in and effective class. Varieties of activities base on TPR method can improve students’ learning interests. Hence, they will pay more attention on what does the teacher says. Teacher can also adopt different kinds of steps in TPR. But no matter what kind of steps, teacher always needs to say the command and perform the action first. This is the comprehensible input for students. So the command should be concise and clear, and the action should be easy to remember for students.



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